What is Sanda Oil

What Is Sanda Oil

Sanda oil, an ancient remedy, was traditionally utilized by older individuals for purposes such as penis enlargement, enhancing men’s sexual strength, Mardana Kamzori, addressing erectile dysfunction, and premature ejaculation. The original Sanda Lizard Oil derives from the fat of the Sanda Lizard, renowned for its warm nature. This warmth facilitates the opening of blocked blood vessels and improves blood flow, effectively treating various sexual weaknesses. However, some fraudulent practitioners tarnish its market reputation with counterfeit products. A prevalent misconception incorrectly asserts that original Sanda lizar oil contains ingredients such as ashwagandha, shatavari (Asparagus racemosus), clove oil, black seed or black cumin oil, sesame oil, cowhage or velvet bean, and datura extract. Organic Pro, as Pakistan’s number one brand for selling Sanday Ka Oil, comprehends the genuine composition of Sanda Ka Oil.

What is Sanda Oil

Benefits of Sanda Oil

  1. Penis Enlargement: Regular massage with Sandha Oil is believed to stimulate blood flow to the penis, potentially leading to increased size over time.
  2. Enhanced Sexual Stamina: The warming properties of Sanday Ka Oil may help improve sexual stamina and endurance, allowing for longer-lasting sexual activity.
  3. Improved Erectile Function: By promoting blood circulation to the genital area, Sandah Ka Oil may assist in achieving and maintaining stronger and firmer erections.
  4. Treatment of Premature Ejaculation: Sanda Oil’s ability to increase blood flow to the penis may help delay ejaculation, allowing for better control over climax timing.
  5. Relief from Genital Discomfort: Some users report that Sandah Lizard Oil provides relief from discomfort associated with conditions like genital itching or irritation.
  6. Increased Sensitivity: Regular application of Sandah Ka Oil may enhance sensitivity in the genital area, potentially leading to heightened sexual pleasure.
  7. Overall Sexual Health: Sandah Lizard Oil is believed to support overall sexual health by promoting blood circulation and maintaining the health of penile tissues.

Is Sanda Oil Effective For Penis Enlargement?

Yes, Sandah Ka Tail is thought to effectively enhance penis size by stimulating blood circulation in the genital area through consistent massage and application, potentially resulting in gradual enlargement over time.

Is Sanda Oil Effective For Penis Strength?

Yes, Saandha Ka Oil is believed to effectively enhance penis strength by stimulating blood circulation to the genital area when used regularly, thereby improving erectile function and overall sexual performance.

How Sanda Oil is Useful for Body Pain?

Ssandha Oil can be beneficial for relieving body pain when applied topically to the affected area. Its warming properties help improve blood circulation and reduce inflammation, leading to relief from muscle and joint pain.

What Is Sanda Lizard

Sanda Lizard, is a species of lizard, also recognized as Saandhaa, primarily inhabits desert regions, notably Rajasthan’s deserts. It feeds on grass and mates during the monsoon season, leading to seasonal fluctuations in fat content, with higher levels in winter and lower levels in summer due to mating preferences. Its distinct features and habitat pique interest in cultural narratives and traditional practices in regions where it resides.

Sanda Lizard

Is Sanda Lizard is Halal?

In Islam, the permissibility of consuming the Sanda Lizard, also called “Sehra ki Machli,” relies on its adherence to Islamic dietary laws’ criteria. Guidance on this matter may be found in the Hadith, which is available in the accompanying video. The Sanda Lizard predominantly inhabits desert regions of Pakistan, especially in Sindh. Some believe it possesses medicinal properties due to its fish-like taste and texture, with claims that it can alleviate conditions such as back pain and sexual weakness. However, consulting religious authorities and medical professionals is crucial for guidance on its consumption and potential health benefits.

Sanda Oil Price in Pakistan

In Pakistan, including Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Punjab, Sindh, and KPK, the prices of Sanda Oil can vary significantly based on quality. Adulterated versions are sold on the streets for approximately Rs. 1000 to 1500. In the markets of Karachi and Islamabad, the price range spans from Rs. 500 to 2000. Throughout Pakistan, only one brand, Organic Pro, sells pure Sanda Oil, as they have their own hunters and handle processing. Consequently, Organic Pro’s Sanday Ka Oil is priced at Rs. 2650 per bottle, with free nationwide delivery.

How to use sanda oil - Sanda Oil Uses

Individuals use Sanda Ka Oil for its perceived benefits in sexual health and pain relief, including back pain and muscle pain. They apply the oil topically and massage it onto the affected areas to potentially provide relief. For sexual health, it’s often applied to the genital area to improve blood circulation and enhance vitality. Additionally, for back pain and muscle pain, individuals massage Sanda Oil onto the affected muscles or joints, allowing the oil to penetrate deeply and potentially alleviate discomfort. It’s crucial to follow recommended usage guidelines and consult a healthcare professional if you have any underlying medical conditions.

Uses for Penile Strength

Our Sanda Ka Oil comes in a dropper for convenient application. You should apply two or three drops of the oil to the back of your penis. Remember to leave the penis cap and the lower part untouched. Then, gently massage the oil into the skin using light strokes until it absorbs. Afterward, wrap the area with a piece of plastic bag and sleep. In the morning, rinse off with lukewarm water after 15 minutes. The optimal time to apply Sanda Oil is at night because human tissues are in a relaxed state, maximizing its effectiveness. However, you can use it throughout the day as well, but applying it at night yields better results.

Uses for Pain Relief

Whenever you experience pain in any body part, apply 3 to 4 drops of the oil and massage it onto the affected area. After the oil absorbs, wrap the area with a warm cloth. In the morning, you will notice a reduction in pain.

Sanda Oil original and fake test

Original Sanda Oil may have a yellowish or light brownish color and typically emits a scent reminiscent of animal fat. This is because the oil possesses warming properties, requiring immediate application as it generates warmth upon contact. Results usually begin to manifest within a week, with noticeable improvements in erections and sexual performance.


In conclusion, Organic Pro holds the undisputed position as the No. 1 brand in Pakistan, providing its customers with 100% authentic and original Sanda Oil. With its commitment to delivering high-quality products, Organic Pro ensures that users experience the true benefits of Sanda Oil for various health concerns.

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